viernes, 24 de enero de 2014

Informe - Report 24-01-2014

Esta es la situación en enero de 2014:

- Los profesores están en huelga, por los pagos atrasados de dos meses. Comentan que no pueden dar clases con el estómago vacío

- Uno de los profesores comentó que les dieran parte de la comida del orfanato (Sofía se negó)

- Los niños del orfanato están estudiando en la escuela (en el barrio de Karima, la educación es de baja calidad: 70 alumnos por profesor). Se quedarían sin clases si la escuela cierra.

- Unos americanos les han comprado uniformes y zapatos nuevos a los niños, y han financiado los estudios de tres de ellos en Nairobi

- Nos piden ayuda urgente para solventar el problema:
Worker Salary
Teacher Cyprine 7000
Madam Winnie 7000
Teacher Grace 7000
Teacher Aggrey 7000
Receptionist 5000
Guard 5000
TOTAL 38000
2 months required 76000

We had to call for an urgent meeting on Sunday afternoon to try and look for a solution.  

Some American friends have purchased uniforms and shoes for all the children.  These are the same people who sponsored the other kids to Nairobi.  This time Rachael too was sponsored to Nairobi.  So on opening school all the kids were smart and neatly dressed and this is the main cause of the animosity.  Currently there is no peace at the school.  We persuaded them to continue teaching as we seek for assistance.  They say they need assurance that they will get paid.  Even as we do this mail they are waiting for feedback from us.

In the meeting they said that how can an empty stomach teach.  We had to cool them down atleast for a few days.  One teacher had suggested that the orphanage provide for their lunch, but we were against that, because we cannot afford it.  We are struggling at the orphanage.  The biggest issue that is boiling right now is because of the orphanage children whom we moved to Malindi Saints school.  We can only address this issue properly when these teachers are paid.  If we pay them we can be in a position talk to them and to put our points clear about our children but for now its hard for us to talk.  This is the best place for our children to learn.  At Karima there is no proper education and lack of concentration in class by teachers because one class has over 70 kids.   And since we moved from Muyeye, our school is so close to the orphanage.  We have the babies like Masika, Mwangudza, Sabrina who had to finish the term at Karima and had to be carried to school every morning and after school until they closed.

So the biggest problem is about our orphans who have been moved to Malindi Saints yet they have not been paid

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